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How to Make a Statement with Dainty Jewellery

I know that for the most part, people like to wear dainty jewellery because it suits their personality, and is a way of being themselves. We usually wear dainty jewellery because we want to feel confident in ourselves, not because we necessarily want to make a statement.

But that doesn’t mean that dainty, minimalist jewellery can’t make a statement. In fact, in some environments I think it’s the best way to stand out. So here are three ways to make a statement using dainty jewellery.

Make it unusual

When you’re getting a bespoke piece made, why not create a piece from your life. Go for colours, shapes or textures that tell your story. Here are two bespoke pieces I’ve made that have great stories behind them. Bespoke pieces are a great way of making a statement, whatever the size of the jewellery. Nobody has one exactly like yours. And because you’ve had it made specially for you, it’s bound to be meaningful.

Here are two bespoke pieces I’ve made that have great stories behind them.

The first is the story of a long friendship. This banglet was created using the initials of two women who have been best friends since their childhood in Dorset. It has a heart to symbolise their affection for each other, and was a Christmas present from one to the other. Although they now live in different parts of the country, the giving and receiving of the bracelet would have brought them closer.

The second is a pair of earrings made from a gift that my customer received as a leaving present. She loved the pearls but not the earrings, and didn’t want to lose the memory. So she asked me to make these iconic x earrings with the pearls. She only wears gold, so I had the sterling silver plated with a thick layer of 24 karat gold. She loved them!

If you want a bespoke piece of jewellery, contact me at and we can take it from there.

When everyone else is shouting, whisper

I’m in India right now, which, as any of you who have visited will know, is a riot of colour, and an onslaught on your senses in every way. The smells, the sun, the colours are all so intense, that to stand out, people are forever going stronger, bigger, brighter and bolder. Nowhere is this more noticeable than at weddings, where everyone is trying to outdo each other in their outfits and jewellery.

But at these types of events, quite simply the best way to stand out is to do exactly the opposite. Wear a classy pale coloured outfit with a simple diamond necklace and you’ll truly stand out from the crowd. In short, to make a statement when everyone else is shouting, whisper. You’ll be heard more loudly than the rest of them put together.

And if you’re worried about being underdressed, never fear; you’ll look effortlessly chic. Just yesterday I was looking at photos of outfits from the Oscars. In amongst all the flounces and trails, the ones that I remember are Emily Blunt’s simple white and Elizabeth Olsen’s elegant black - and neither of them looked in the least bit underdressed. Besides, in the words of Coco Chanel, “It’s always better to be slightly underdressed.” And who wouldn’t trust her sense of style?

Layer your pieces

This is perhaps the most popular way of making a statement from small pieces. But just because others do it too doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Using stacking rings is a great way of making your rings more impactful without making them bulky and uncomfortable. Take a look at this set of stacking rings. The Wavy ring added in the middle gives the two thin rings space to breathe and creates width without making them feel chunky.

Layer pendant necklaces with chain necklaces or even with tiny gemstone chains. Make sure you don’t have too many necklaces all of the same length so that the layers add width without adding thickness. And the best thing about layering? You can mix metals – try silver and gold, or three types of gold. Add in some gemstones or enamels to introduce colour. The opportunities to show your personality are endless.

Layering around the wrist is almost as much fun as layering necklaces; I say almost, because I do have a personal preference for necklaces over wristwear, but that’s just me. Notice how I have more necklaces in my designs than any other type of jewellery?

Mix thin bangles with thin cuffs, layer friendship bracelets of difference colours, or different coloured enamel and gemstone bangles. You can even try layering bracelets with bangles, although you might need to be a bit careful here; our wrists move a lot more than our necks, so bear that in mind when choosing your layers.

And finally…

When you want to make a statement, remember that nobody can make your statement better than you. The best way to make a statement is to be comfortable and confident in what you wear, whether that's jewellery or anything else. As the famous shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik said “There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.” It’s not what you wear that matters as much as how you wear it.

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Silent B0Y

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Silent B0Y
Silent B0Y

Thanks for your blog post. It impressed me with information and in-depth analysis ! Wonderful post. If you want to buy home appliances and more then visit. SAEED


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Rafay Shaikh

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