If you are a person who loves unique, handmade jewellery, but also wants it to mean something more; if you are a person with a strong social conscience and wants to help the disadvantaged; if you are a person that enjoys wearing carefully designed, beautifully crafted, quality jewellery, then you've come to the right place.


At the heart of Halo Jewellery is my desire to help disadvantaged girls and women to become independent through education, while creating unique, quality jewellery and providing a service to match.  

Hello, it's nice to meet you.  My name is Supriti Vaidya, and I'm the creator of Halo Jewellery.  All my pieces are designed and handcrafted by me using sterling silver from reputable suppliers.  

I craft each piece of jewellery either from sterling silver sheets and wires, or using an ancient, 6000 year old method called lost wax casting. Each  item is then hand polished  and finished before being ready for you to wear. 


Halo Jewellery pledges 50% of all profits to charities that help women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with their learning and education.  What better way is there, of creating strong, independent women with real choices in life.  

By wearing a piece of Halo Jewellery, you are not only wearing something that makes you feel your best, you are also becoming a part of these womens' story of being lifted out of a disadvantaged life.

Halo - For independent women.  Choose meaningful elegance.

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