If you are a person who loves unique, handmade jewellery, but also wants it to mean something more, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a strong social conscience and want to help the disadvantaged; if you are a person that enjoys wearing carefully designed, beautifully crafted, quality jewellery, then I think your values and those of Halo Jewellery align perfectly.

Jewellery should be more than just beautiful.  I believe that every piece of jewellery you wear should hold some meaning for you.

Hello, it's nice to meet you.  My name is Supriti Vaidya, and I'm the founder of Halo Jewellery.  When I started Halo Jewellery, I wanted to make sure that every single piece that I made would hold some meaning for the person who wore it.  It could be because its colour or form symbolised something you identified with or valued; or because it was your initial; or perhaps your zodiac sign.  Whatever your reason, each piece I made would be more than a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Every product I design and create is carefully handmade using sterling silver from the most reputable suppliers.

I try to use as few bought out components as possible.  So while I can't go and mine my own silver, I craft each piece of jewellery from sterling silver sheets, wires and chain.  Even the clasps are made by me, because I wasn't satisfied with what was available to buy. Once a piece is completed, I then hand polish and finish it before it's ready for you to wear. 

Halo Jewellery pledges 50% of any profits to charities that support the learning and education of disadvantaged girls and women.

There are still over 300 million girls around the world that are denied a basic education due to poverty or social constraints.  At the heart of Halo Jewellery was also my desire to help women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with their learning and education.  I believe that there is no better way of creating strong, independent women with real choices in life.

​By wearing a piece of Halo Jewellery, you are not only wearing something that makes you feel your best, you are also becoming a part of these womens' story of being lifted out of a disadvantaged life.

Halo - For independent women.  Choose meaningful elegance.

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