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Are you thinking of buying a piece from Halo Jewellery UK as a gift?  This page should answer all your questions.  And if it doesn,t just contact me at and I'll do all I can to help.

What are the last order dates for Christmas 2021?

I dispatch using Royal Mail First Class Signed For.  To guarantee delivery before Christmas, please place your order by the following dates:

Destination United Kingdom: 12th December

Destination Europe:  10th December

Destination USA/Canada: 8th December

Anywhere else: 1st December

I’m buying this as a gift.  Will there be   a gift receipt?

Yes, just add a note at the checkout saying that the item is a gift and I will include a gift receipt.

What if the person I'm giving it to wants to exchange it for something else?

No problem.  They can get something else that they like from Halo Jewellery UK, as long as they exchange on or before the date specified on the receipt.  If they want something more expensive, they will need to pay the difference.  No refunds will be given for less expensive items.

Can I get something delivered directly to the person I am gifting?

Yes of course! When you’re ordering, just put their postal address instead of yours in the delivery address.  If you’re sending the gift outside the UK, remember you need to take into account how long it takes for the item to reach the destination country.  Also, the recipient will need to pay any taxes and duties due in the destination country.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes I do! And since they're online, they just get  emailed to you. They are brilliant if you're a last minute shopper, or don't know what your friend or family member may like.

Does your two year guarantee apply to gifts as well?

Of course it does!  As long as they retain the gift receipt, the item is guaranteed exactly in the same way as all other items.

Does this answer all your questions?  If not, feel free to contact me at and I'll do all I can to help.

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