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Working with a client in creating a bespoke piece of jewellery for them makes the client feel a part of the design process in a way nothing else can.  It produces a truly unique, meaningful piece of jewellery  that they will treasure forever.


I would love to work with you to explore our ideas together and produce something that's  truly yours. This could be a special gift for someone, or a piece that incorporates existing elements that you wish to reuse, or just a special piece where you can feel part of the design process.  

If you are intersted in a bespoke piece or a variation of one you've seen on this website, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Very importantly, if there is something that I cannot do justice to, I will be completely honest about this.  Not every jeweller has every skill that is needed to make every piece of jewellery.  I recognise this.

Here's a sample of a few of the bespoke pieces of jewellery I've made.


This candle themed necklace was made for a very special client, who wanted to use existing amber gemstones from other necklaces that she had, to create this beautiful statement piece.  

Both amber gemstones have the back cut out so that the light can shine through them.  The small stones are apatite.  The client absolutely loved the necklace, and said that she will be coming back for more milestone pieces in the future.  This is already her second bespoke design with Halo Jewellery UK.


This bracelet was a bespoke Christmas order as a gift to a best friend.  It takes elements of my standard designs and makes them unique.

The letters are part of my iniitials designs, the striated texture on the bracelet is taken from my enamel designs, and the symbols are added, creating a totally unique and beautiful piece.


This was my first ever bespoke order.  The client wanted the pearls from another pair of earrings to be turned into earrings with this iconic x design.  

She's another client who prefers gold hues, so I made the earrings in silver and got them gold-plated.  She simply loves them. 


One of my cutomers ordered ordered the Halo collection  interlocking circles necklace and liked it so much that she wanted an anklet to match.  An anklet isn't in my usual list of items to make, but I really enjoyed making it.


She liked it so much, she even allowed me to use her photograph on the website.  

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