This necklace from the stylish and modern Elements enamel range is perfect to add an elegant pop of colour into your look.  I've called it Waterlilies because the colours remind me of those used by Monet in in famous paintings.


The soft, rounded  rectangular shape of the pendant signifies trust, honesty and stability.   And the turquoise hues created by combining two enamel colours symbolise calmness and tranquility.  


Each piece is handmade out of substantial piece of silver, 1mm in thickness, so the quality shows straight away.


The combination of enamel and textured sterling silver works beautifully together. The enamel brings in the colour, while the silver texture gives the piece a subtle but essential shine.


They say that great design isn't when you can't add anything more, it's when you can't take anything away. This piece embodies that philosophy perfectly. No connectors are visible, showing only the chain and the pendant, this piece glows with elegance.


It comes with a sterling silver rope or a very fine curb chain, both of which are delicate, and bring out the best in the pendant. The chains have fuss-free toggle clasps, which means there is no fiddling while putting on or taking off the necklace.


Measurements: The pendant is approximately 2 cm in height and  1 cm in width. Please choose your chain length and type while ordering. The photo shows the pendant on a 45 cm (18 inch) rope chain.

Delivery times: Since this item is made to order, it will be despatched ONE WEEK after the order is received.


Guarantee: Of course I want you to be happy with your purchase, but I also want to encourage all of us to forget fast fashion, and choose better quality, longer lasting jewellery. So I offer a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE and a LIFETIME REPAIR SERVICE with every piece.

And last but not least: I donate 50% of all profits to charities towards the learning and education of girls and women from disadvantaged backgrounds. So each purchase will mean that you become part of their story of going from a life of disadvantage to becoming strong, independent women.



Sterling Silver Enamel Necklace - Waterlilies Rectangle

  • If you don't like your necklace, I will gladly offer a full refund as long as I receive the item in it's original condition and gift box within 60 days of placing the order.  This generous refund timeframe takes into account that each item is despatched a week after the order is received.  Please bear in mind that you will need to pay postage for the return.