Want to buy a gift for someone but can't decide which piece they might like best?  Then why not get them a gift voucher?  Valid for six months, they can choose what they want to buy up to the value of the voucher.  Here's how it works:


1.  Buy the gift voucher of the value of your gift, and pay for it like you would any other product. Please let me know the name of the intended recipient.  This will be used to prevent unauthorised use.

2.  I will generate a special one-off code and email it to you, along with a link to Halo Jewellery UK.  Just forward this email to the person you are giving the gift to.

3.  All the gift receiver has to do is to purchase an item from Halo Jewellery UK, and apply the code that's given to them.  If the item costs more than the gifted amount, they just have to pay the difference.  But if it costs less, they won't get the difference back.   

4.  If they are outside the UK, they will need to pay postage regardless of the cost of the item and the value of the coupon.


  • Any product bought using this gift voucher is eligible for a full refund as long as I receive the item in it's original condition and gift box within 60 days of placing the order.  This generous refund timeframe takes into account that each item is despatched a week after the order is received.  Please bear in mind that you will need to pay postage for the return.

  • Since this is an electronic item, there is no postage charge.  

    However, the person who uses the gift voucher will need to pay postage if they are outside the UK.