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Why Stacking Rings Are Here To Stay

If someone had asked me about stacking rings say ten years ago, I might not even have known what they were talking about. And when they first became popular, I would definitely have wondered if it was just a passing fad. But here we are, in 2022, and stacking rings are going every bit as strong as they were when they first started hitting our Instagram accounts. And being a fan, I can completely understand why.

They’re Incredibly Versatile

Metals, shapes, designs, how many you wear – my goodness the permutations and combinations are huge. Whether you believe that less is more, more is more or whatever else, you can really go to town once you have a good selection.

Love silver, gold and rose gold? No problem. Wear a combination. Wondering about whether to go for gemstones or not? Wear one with and one without. Want to be dainty in the morning and make a statement in the evening? Change your look in an instant. I know I’m sounding a bit like a TV ad, but they really are so versatile, I can’t bang on about it enough.

They Won’t Break the Bank

Obviously if you want to buy ten diamond stacking rings, then you might want to take a quick look at your bank balance first. But otherwise, for the most part, buying a stacking ring won’t require you to take out a mortgage.

Because each stacking ring is typically quite dainty, the gemstones are likely to be small, and the amount of precious metal won’t weigh a ton either. Now I’m not for a minute saying that that’s all that goes into the price of a ring, but it is a component. In fact because they’re dainty, they’re fiddly to make, so it takes time to get the finish just right.

Of course another bit of good news is that if you see a few that you like, but can’t buy them all at once, it’s easy to build up a collection over time. In fact that’s one of the things I love about designing them too. I can slowly and steadily add to the collection of designs as I dream them up. In fact I have a new design in my head even as I’m writing this. I’ll need to get to drawing it before I forget – but I digress.

They Express the Unique You

We all use our style to define and express our identity, whether we realise it or not. The jewellery you wear is a totally unique expression of you. And this matters, because it raises that little stacking ring on your finger from being a beautiful piece of jewellery to something meaningful that tells the world something about you.

That’s why I think stacking rings are such a great way of commemorating a milestone, whether it’s a graduation, an anniversary or a personal achievement. They're also a great alternative to friendship bracelets, and this is where the new design in my head is going.

Have you ever heard the quote “Your jewellery introduces you before you even speak”? I couldn’t agree more. And I can’t help thinking that stacking rings are a brilliant way of introducing yourself.

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Rafay Shaikh
Rafay Shaikh

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