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Why Buying Rings Online is Easier than You Think

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In a recent blog post, I talked about why stacking rings are here to stay. If you missed it, here's the link. Today I'm going to chat to you about buying rings online. If you’re anything like me, you probably think long and hard before you order a ring online. Will it fit, won’t it, what to do if it doesn’t and all that jazz. So let me give you three very good reasons why you needn’t stress too much over the size of your ring:

1. Your fingers change in size.

They do. Every day. In fact they can change as much as a whole ring size in a single day. And over time, of course they do! This can be for so many reasons, from weight fluctuations, to heat and cold, salt in your diet or medication. So there’s no point in fretting over whether your ring is going to fit perfectly or not, when the answer to that could change from morning to evening.

The only thing I would say is that you should always, always take off your rings before you go swimming. Our fingers shrink in cool water, and the swimming action helps to push rings off. That's why so many people lose their rings in the sea - just think of all that sunken treasure!

2. Different ring sizers have different measurements.

Since I make rings, I have about five different ways of measuring ring sizes, and surprisingly, not many of them match up. Even those that give UK rings sizes in letters along with the diameter in millimetres have different measurements for the same letter.

So the size you measure will only be sure to match the place where you’re buying from if you’re both using the same ring sizer. Ha! So much for standardisation.

3. It's okay for a ring to move.

For rings without a central stone setting, it doesn't matter if the ring moves around your finger. You won't notice, and neither will anyone else - after all, the ring looks the same whichever way it sits on your finger. In fact, they’ve even made a feature of rings that move by inventing spinner rings.

Now think for a moment about the rings you have, or the ones you’re wearing right now. Does every one of them fit perfectly? Would it matter if some of them were a bit tighter or a bit looser? Unless it’s a wedding or engagement ring, all you’d do is change the finger you wore it on, or just get used to it being a little tighter or looser.

And also think about what happens when you buy a ring in a physical shop. Most likely you go there, you see a ring you like, and if it fits okay, you buy it. It needn’t fit perfectly, and you’d still get exactly the same enjoyment from it. Unless it’s uncomfortably tight or so loose that you could lose it, you probably don’t even think about the fitting once you’ve bought it. Only if it was frightfully expensive would you insist on a perfect fit.

So the next time you’re buying a ring, whether in person or online, get the sizing issue off your worry list. It matters way less than we think it does. And what that means is that getting new rings can be a whole lot of fun.

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Rafay Shaikh
Rafay Shaikh
Jul 09, 2023

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