Profit with Purpose: Halo empowers disadvantaged girls through education by donating 50% of its profits to the charity Maher.   



Every piece of handmade, modern, sterling silver jewellery from Halo Jewellery UK is crafted with passion and care. Not only will you receive a unique, dainty piece to wear with elegance, Halo also empowers disadvantaged girls by pledging to donate 50% of its profits to the charity Maher.
These profits are donated to the Kalasagar programme which enables girls to return to education so they can fulfil their potential. This means that by wearing a piece from Halo jewellery UK, you become a part of the story of a young girl rescued from a life of disadvantage in India. You will be giving her the chance to become a strong, independent woman with real choices in life and a future.

Halo's aim is to ensure that every piece of sterling silver jewellery is meaningful to you and is an expression of yourself; it could be a gemstone, colour or zodiac sign that is reflected in your bespoke piece, or our charitable ethos resonates with you. Regardless, the piece will tell the world who you are and what you believe in; it will tell your story.


Every product I design and create is carefully handmade using sterling silver from the most reputable suppliers.

I’m a real stickler for detail and I try to use as few bought components as possible.  So, while I can't go and mine my own silver, I craft each of my dainty, modern designs from sterling silver sheets, wires, and chain.  Even the clasps are made by me because I wasn't satisfied with what was available to buy. Once a piece is completed, I then hand polish and finish it before it's ready for you to wear. 

Today every business, whatever its size, needs to play a part in being sustainable.  At Halo, I use recycled silver wherever possible, and even recycle my own scrap silver by melting it down and converting it to sheet.  While this can't be used for customer orders because it can't be guaranteed as sterling silver, it is more than good enough for prototyping new designs.

My dream is to make Halo Jewellery UK the  John Lewis of handmade jewellery, offering exceptional products with impeccable customer service, so Halo offers a two-year guarantee, 60 day returns and a lifetime repair service with each purchase.


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