Every piece of Halo jewellery helps you to celebrate meaningful elegance. This means that each uniquely handmade item will become more than just a piece of jewellery to you. When you own a piece of Halo jewellery, you become a part of the story of a disadvantaged young girl or woman being given the chance of becoming a strong, independent woman by contributing to her learning and education. 50% of any profits made by Halo will go to charities, that help this cause. 


Now, a little bit about me:  My name is Supriti Vaidya.  I have a background in maths, and worked in large banks for decades.  My job gave me the intellectual challenge that I needed, but I desperately craved a creative outlet. And that's how I started making jewellery.  Being me, I did courses upon courses and learned and learned and learned.  It went from hobby to passion and now I'm making it my profession.  That's me in a nutshell.

Of course I want you to be happy with your purchase. But I also want to encourage all of us do our bit for the environment by forgetting fast fashion, and choosing better quality, longer lasting jewellery.  So I offer a two year guarantee and a lifetime repair service with every piece.  


Making it happen

In my blog I talk about everything from my ups and downs in starting up a jewellery business, to how to care for your jewellery, to random musings that have nothing to do with jewellery at all!  Click away to get a window into the world of Halo.

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